Bulbule Lake (Tal) is a natural water spring lake which comes in the From of bubbles located in Now Birendranagar in Surkhet District of Nepal. The lake lies inside Bulbule Park which is very Beautiful Public Park having enough and clean space for picnic and walking around. طاولة روليت The park is Located very close to surkhet bus station and is fully composed of various flowers like roses, Imported flowers and attractive green grasses and small amount of entrance fee is charged to general public for entering the park .

The main attraction of this place is considered to be Bulbule lake itself with its unexplainable beauty having natural and scenic attributes.one of the best things to watch in this lake is bubbles of water rise up to form big pond .so a pipe system is installed to ump-supple drinking water to the village which lie south from the lake because it is constant source of fresh water. The park is naturally a paradise with various flower and plant. لويس سواريز The park also features boating, fishing and culture rituals programs to make its visitors lost in another world of tat part

Beside the beauty of Bulbule area, the Bulbule garden has also inspired many poets and singer to write /sing about the place .one of the popular songs named ‘surkhet Bulbule Tal, mayamai syani hunale chhu tyo Maya jaal ‘ had made the surkhet district more popular than other district of the country .Nearby attractions from Bulbule includes siddhapaila and landed which are standing at Bulbule’s area are really amazing with heart touching scenes. العاب سباق كلاب
Moreover, the beauty of Bulbule lake and garden attracts many of its visitors the lake is filled full of fish and other water creatures and birds in similar way Bulbule garden is also full of flowers and ornamental plants makes atmosphere more pleasurable and hence enhancing its visitors to visit the place more and more …

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