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My Name Is Ratna  Sunuwar ,I Born on Hindu Family as a first Child In Mid Nepal  Sindhuli .During my childhood  I Was Kind of atheistic I Believed More on Laborious And Work. I Thought on that time my God Is my work .It is every things for me Many times I Watched religious people and think even they trust and Believe on God Why They are so sad ,suffering And Poor .Until 7 Years I Wasn’t able to speak properly. I was kind of Nominal religious person at that time because my Family thought .I is Gift of Hindu (GOD).

One day I meet One Christine Man .He Shared about  Jesus and start to correspondence with me and he sends  some tracks and Bible to me as gift .Before then me My family accepted Jesus And they asked me to share from Bible .After finished my school I Moved on Kathmandu then many problems and suffered started to comes on my life during that time GOD also spoke with me through  the  Bible verses and many times I ask help with Him On My struggle .then I started to  go to church but not from the bottom of my heart .

One day I was traveling by bus from Kathmandu to my home on the mid night some robber stop our bus and start to looted they bit and looted to others but nothing did with me. It was shocking to me. After reached home my parents said It was God’s protection .after then accept in Jesus my personal savior and believe Him from the bottom of my heart.

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