The historic car given by Hitler to Juddhashamsher

The then leader of the Nazi Party of Germany, Adolf Hitler, presented pin up the Prime Minister of Nepal with a light green 1936 model Daimler Benz car. The car no. The 44-year-old was Juddhashamsher’s favorite car. صندوق المتاهه The main reason he liked the car was because it was a gift from the then leader of the Nazi party in Germany, Adolf Hitler.

Juddhashamsher, the son of Chandrashamsher, was sent to visit Hitler when he was the ambassador to Britain. In a way, Juddhashamsher had become a well-wisher of Hitler. Diplomatic relations were being prepared. After the meeting, Hitler happily sent Juddhashamsher his car as a gift. It is said that Hitler sent other items as gifts to Juddhashamsher at that time. لعبة دومينو اون لاين للكمبيوتر One of which is the information sent by the Astronomical Telescope. The powerful Veb Carl Zeiss Jena Telescope is currently on display at the Museum of the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. Juddha’s son Bahadur Shamsher gifted the institute.

Binoculars gifted by Juddhashamsher.

V.S. When German Consulate General Count Von Podewils Durnitz paid a three-day visit to Nepal in 1994, he was given a grand welcome. The gallery meeting at Singha Durbar was lavishly decorated. It was in this hall that the German government’s Red Cross honored Juddhashamsher with the Order of the Start of the German Red Cross for his outstanding work in rescuing and rebuilding those affected by the 90-year-old earthquake. Padmashamsher was also honored. On behalf of Nepal, the Consulate General was given the famous Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu and his assistant was given the Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu.


But while Juddhashamsher was prime minister, Britain prepared for war against Germany. The British government deceived Juddhashamsher a lot. Foreign Minister Lord Halifax and Prime Minister Chamberlain also tried to get Nepali soldiers involved in World War II. Finally, after the war broke out, an agreement was reached between General Bahadur Shamsher on behalf of Nepal and General ED Berg on behalf of the British Government of India. Nepal participated in the Second World War. melbet

Juddhashamsher did not want to make Britain miserable, nor did he want to see Hitler miserable. Being closer to Britain, he helped Britain in the war. But inside Nepal, he looked like a supporter of Germany. لعبة روليت اون لاين The ban on radio in Nepal was imposed on the radio broadcasting from India while only the news of the defeat of Germany and the United Kingdom was being praised. تعليم كونكر Saying that they are not allowed to listen and play all the radios, they controlled the radios all over the country and piled them up in Singha Durbar. The radio returned only after the end of World War II.

Now go to the history of the car shown in the picture number 44. الهجن هي V.S. He left the capital on 14 December 2002, handing over the throne to his nephew Padmashamsher. But Redi did not pass through the west from Kathmandu. Going to Amalekhgunj via Bhimfedi. From there he went to Birgunj and stayed at Murali Durbar for two days. He was accompanied by family members and soldiers. Colonel Gajraj Jung, Subba Maniram, Captain Nara Bahadur, Captain Gupta Bahadur and some young men were also present. From here, Juddhashamsher got on the train and headed towards Ridi. But other family members moved to Dehradun. On the way to Dehradun, this Benz car also reached Dehradun. According to Juddhashamsher’s daughter Janak Rajyalakshmi Shah, the car was taken to Dehradun. The car was initially driven by daughter Janak Rajyalakshmi and later son Shashishamsher on the road to Dehradun. Later, a collector from Mumbai bought it for his collection. But now King Tribhuvan’s other car is being falsely advertised as a car gifted by Hitler.


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