Fire in Seto Durbar: Fire brigade enters Nepal

There are dozens of historical palaces in the Kathmandu Valley. Some of the palaces are in ruins, while others are unprotected. Adjacent to the Vishwajyoti movie hall is a magnificent gate which belongs to the White Palace.


The magnificent entrance now seen in Jamal was the main entrance to the White Palace.

Inside the gate was once a magnificent white palace. A small part of the palace spread over 375 ropanis of land can now be seen in the Jamal area. طاولة على النت  Dozens of houses can now be seen in the area around the palace. موقع راندوم  V.S. There is a history that Birshamsher had the palace built for his son Gehendrashamsher in 1942. Seto Darbar V.S. It was hit by a fire in Baishakh in 1990 and a massive earthquake in January. العاب الفواكه  Just look at the entrance of the palace and imagine how magnificent the palace is …

White court

After Shri 3 Maharaj of Nepal, B.Sc. In 1942, the White Palace was commissioned to build several other palaces, including the Fohora Palace, the Charburja Palace, and the Red Palace.

V.S. In 1942, the then Prime Minister Veer Shamsher paid Rs. 777casino  Built on 375 ropanis of land at a cost of Rs. The goods ordered from Europe were brought to Sonpur, India by train and from Sonpur to Bhimfedi by cart, buggy, elephant and from there by porters.

White court

V.S. Even before the fire broke out in 1990, foreign visitors were eager to see the palace and marvel at its decoration. In April 1990, Nepal suffered heavy losses. لعبه الدواره  If the eastern part of the palace had been destroyed by artillery fire, the meetings of the White Palace would have been saved. But later, as it was the palace of His Majesty the King (Narayanhiti), His Majesty King Juddhashamsher did not dare to order the firing.

When the fire broke out there, Jang Bahadur’s large face paintings made in the UK were burnt to ashes. اسرار القمار  It is said that all three cities were enchanted by the smell of perfume. After the same white palace caught fire, Juddhashamsher brought a fire engine for the first time in Nepal. Firefighters in the wooded valleys are still known as fighting fire engines.


Some parts of the palace, which were destroyed by fire, are now occupied by NIDC. Development Bank has an office. The old gate at the side of the Vishwajyoti Hall is a structure of the same, with 375 ropanis of land once inside the magnificent White Palace and the Fountain Palace, like the Velvediar Palace in Calcutta.

Historian Purushottam Shamsher Jabra, who spent his childhood in the Charburja Durbar, estimates that it will cost Rs.

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