A son from a middle class family got 90% marks in SEE exam. The father was happy to see the marksheet and said to his wife: pin up casino Make it today, your dear son has scored 90% in the school exam.
The mother ran from the kitchen and said happily, “Show me the result and let me see my son’s result. عاوز لعبه العربيات كتيب قوانين لعبة اونو
Meanwhile, fat came out of the son’s mouth: where is the father showing him the result, can he read it?
These are illiterate ….,
Mother Kheer wiping her tearful eyes with a stroke
Didn’t go to the kitchen to make it,
Seeing all this, the father said: Yes, son, you are right.
Your mother is illiterate …,
When your mother became pregnant within three months of our marriage,
I thought. We didn’t go anywhere after the wedding. We didn’t even know each other very well. لعبات امم اوروبا But as your mother puts it, walking around and getting to know each other, all of this is slowly happening over the course of the day.
Then you were born, she was not illiterate … When you were in the womb, she did not like milk very much, she used to drink milk for nine months to make you healthy because
Your mother was illiterate ….,
You had to go to school at 7:00 in the morning
So get up at 5:00 in the morning and have your favorite breakfast
And made eggs because she was illiterate.
When you fell asleep while reading at night, she would come and put your copy book in her bag and put you to bed. دومنه اون لاين هازارد 2023
Then she would go to bed and get up again and again at night and cover you with shirk, because she was illiterate …
You have been sick for a long time since you were a child
At that time he was awake all night but in the morning
She would get up early and go to work
Because son she was illiterate …
To bring you branded clothes
Parthi followed me and myself all year round
She lived in a sari because she
Unread …:
Son, there are people who are literate in your eyes
They look after their own interests and meanings first
But your mother never looked up to this day
Because you are illiterate ..,
She would sometimes forget to eat by herself after she cooked the food and gave it to us
So I proudly say that your mother is illiterate.
Hearing all this from the father’s mouth, the son cried and hugged his own mother.
But you are the first to make my life 100%
Is a teacher,
Mother, I am still uneducated
And you have a higher degree than a PhD because today I have a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer hidden inside my mother
Dress designer, Best Cook visited all these.
I’m sorry mom.
Yes, my mother is illiterate, but even the greatest degrees in the world are just a piece of scrap paper in front of an illiterate mother, because every successful person in the world has the gift of a mother.
Always love your mother who gave birth to you, respect her, mother is the mother of the world, so never hurt the mother’s heart. اسماء ورق الكوتشينة

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